The newest addition to the east coast rock scene, Steve Palmer Band consists of “real good players”, according to singer, songwriter and lead vocalist, Steve Palmer.

SPB can play solo, two piece acoustic, and unplugged gigs with Nashville percussion specialist Brian Fullen. They also can do five or seven piece set-ups.

With a group of great players, SPB was able to record “Apparition” live off the floor with minimal overdubs. The CD hopefully will emulate Steve’s heros from the ’70s including The Rolling Stones, Linda Rondstat, Boz Scaggs, Led Zepplin, Yes, Waylon Jennings, Boston, Kansas, Beatles, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor.

While their primary musical accent is found in the 1970s, these skillful cohort of musicians meld the classics with the same knockout punch heard in contemporary heavyweights like Cold Play, Pearle Jam and the fluid improvisational virtuosity of the Dave Matthews Band. The results are sure to delight aficionados of intelligent, big-hearted and hook-filled rock and country-rock music.

Steve is a Christian who writes music, poetry and plays . He is also an avid sportsman who swims, runs, plays golf and tennis and observes nature. He considers himself a “professional driver (logging 40,000 miles last year), a professional painter, a mover and a landscaper. “I'll do just about anything to bring new songs and a new foundational premise to the world and "Staying Alive" is one of those things.

“We have been pushed from our moral compass as a country and I can only hope and pray that people open their eyes to see the truth. That’s why I rarely drink and never took drugs. People will lie about you and I have had a lot of lies thrown my way. Even before I sued all those big companies on behalf of the little guy.

A couple of the outright lies told about me include; 1) I am paranoid; 2) I am gay – the problem is if you’re “gay” and married to a woman, you can be “made” to look like a nut; 3) A singing santa at my girl’s first birthday party put my name on a 1-800 gay dating service - I won a jury award after I fielded calls at all hours of the day and night; 4) Had the boyfriend of an ex-band member threaten in emails to show up at my gigs and hand out a sex offender list with my name on it – and, yes, there is a “steve palmer” of a different race on the VA sex registry (the prosecutor “disappeared” from the case just before trial); 5) Walked an inebriated receptionist home after a law firm party- on the suggestion of a partner. I then turned away at her door and that’s all that happened. . . unless you ask someone else.

Steve Palmer Steve Palmer
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Extended Musical Family:
Mario Sangermano (Bass); Larry Hall (B3/Keyboards); Eric Scott; Meg Murray
"Apparition" Album:
Steve Palmer (Lead Vocals & Guitar); Bryan Ewald (Lead Guitar); Tony Morra (Drums); Anthony Setola (Bass); Larry Hall (B3/Keyboards); Vicky Hampton & Cindy Walker (Background Vocals).
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