“Governor Christie, Meet Jimi Hendrix. He is dead.”

Governor Christie claims he is a practicing Christian who just accepted tens of thousands of dollars from an ostentatious, shady megalomaniac NFL owner. The Meadowlands are in New Jersey so this is a conflict. And, Jerry Jones, employer of Jimmie Johnson, is known for publicity stunts with brazen audacity and he believes in ostentatious grandeur. Is the “Tell is like it is” Governor running for shelter, scared and placating the rich and elite? Is he “going along to get along”, afraid to take on filth and twisted self interest that is crumbling every part of America? Does he have the “courage of his convictions”? Are there any role models anymore?

Hillary Clintonis another polarizing figure who helps the establishment control the current. She has never taken on any of the ills of society, but rather, has distracted the public with her comment about “not standing by her man.” She spit in the eye of every working mother in America by saying that baking with or for your children is not as important as a marketing campaign headed by a woman. Even with good will and kind offerings to neighbors in short supply, she audaciously, methodically, and intentionally came up with a way to trumpet women’s rights while mocking womanly virtue.

Does Hillary know that in the early 20th century, woman were delegated as care takers and child rearers because they were considered morally superior to men in terms of virtue and a compassionate caring touch. Read the publications. I found them at a print museum as I wandered the streets of New York City six years ago looking for truth. I also found the octopus in Harlem and “Toast” under the subway. There, I was served drug-infused balsamic vinegrette on my healthy poached salmon that I, therefore, could not eat. I find a lot of things when I walk. Men actually thought the boys were compromised morally going off to fightin the streets for food.

Then Hillary double downed in audacity by coming up with a phony, hollow, face-saving mechanism to “apologize” for her scripted gaffe. Everyone always apologizes after making tidal waves because they are dumbing you down. They do it because they are well paid and know they can get away with it. Their allies in crime will just prop them up again. But the impressions were already cemented. She then made everyone question the sincerity of any apology by a public official, a parentor cheating husband– she started bringing cookies to Senators to reach “across the aisle”. She avoided bedrock communities and headed to Madison Avenue and Wall Street for contributions like her husband. (He’s the one who parlayed the presidency into 100 million quick dollars with speaking engagements for the same corporations that his policies serviced.” Hill-aries’ fiasco gave the song “Painted Lady” and “Mind Games” an entirely new spin. Who does she work for – the guys at the CIA who suffered so “terribly” at the hands of a pit bull named Senator Boxer.

Boxer courageously served the "water boarders" with the exact plate of rebuke that they hand delivered to her to serve to them. Perhaps you should see if there are other dishes to serve them. They hack into the Senate’s database? Let me tell you, they are the internet, and the media, and the economic engine of scandal and deregulation, soaring stocks and falling stocks, and then regulation again . . .So they torture criminals/terrorists. What about the druggedand illness riddled American public? If you want decency go to the lamb Olympia Snow or Leiberman. It is interesting that the meek always get drowned out and are forced to withdraw. They have values. - See more at: https://stevepalmerband.com/blog.html#.dpuf

Christie is not the only public official to embrace the deceitful face of greed and deception in this country. The candidate Mitt Romney himself met with one Donald Trump. Trump is a man whose hair precedes his bankruptcy filings while his otheraffiliated business run scott free. Other questionable presidents have their own side shows: Bush (mispronounced words), Bush (“read my lisp”), Truman (“Lost” and won), Ford (tripping over a dog leash), Clinton (Tripp, foreign campaign contributions, tech bubble ect.) and Johnson (having conferences on the john).

When I suggest that Johnson knew of the assassination beforehand, I have been told I am just fixated on the toilet bowl conferences. “Are you a conspiracy buff”, they all ask. No, but I gave speechesin England and Germany supporting that “actor” Reagan in 1980 – that dove who listened to priests just gave out jelly beans. Grenada was his life saving fall after an assassination attempt. That tiny island drove “them” nuts so they brought down the banks to tarnish his legacy. That’s what they do.

Are the cookies, the hair and a dog named “checkers”(See Eichtman, Halderman, Erlichman-why all the men and the Js) a twisted ploy to get you watching the wrong ball and to neutralize dissenters. Consider analyzing and judging behavior, arrogance and proclamations of the culprits themselves. Judge them on their face undeterred by pin ups and ploys.Point your finger and say “Your violence and greed and mesmerizing sex and false friendships will not have access to my children or my home.” And that is because children are being brain washing to just want to be“a millionaire” or to think humans are like wild animals. That way the crooked ones don’t look so bad if everything thinks like them.

The media gives Mr. Trump a pedastool to manipulate and smile and coordinate the attack on the soul of the Godly and the good.The multi-nationals, and the media interests they bought, somehow made Trump’s show and “Shark Attack” hits. They made Simon Cowell respectable while he humiliated and ripped the hopes and dreams out of thousands of children. Never once did he say, “Perhaps try voice lessons.” Never once did he say, “You have charisma” or “Maybe you are having trouble controlling your muscles because of the drugs on the stage, on the lights or on the mic.” He imposed brutal harsh verdicts on little impressionable children. And now he has his own sympathetic distraction – multi-millions (Was it really his brain child?) and a child.

How could those shows be successful with cold, macabre or hyped humanoids manning the seats as “judges”. Why not make something good for the soul that is successful on T.V. They could do it without blinking. The media and elite dictate culture, trends and popularity. The public does not. Freedom and opportunity has become a myth.They are that good. They give you what they want to give you. And it just keeps getting worse. And that is because you don’t have morals and don’t know where they come from. Go ahead and “go it alone.” You will fail.

There is a time for protecting your family and running scared and taking on “false identities”. And there is a time to fight and isolate the evil doers who create despicable sitcoms that are destroying your children. But it only works if everyone does it together. And there is a time for our elected President to tell us what he is doing behind the scenes so that people can be hopeful and inspired. Maybe he should not allow the Holders and Rices, who try to do their job in a rubric’s six dimensional maze, to suffer in the wood shed. There is a time for calling out Sharpton, Trump, Hannity, Gates, Rand, Clintons, Edwards, and Coulter, for what they really are. Quit rewarding them. Tell the corporations you want to know why you are getting cancer. Take a stand. Be a leader. You have to open the door. Ban Chelsea Grammar from TV, Cable and everything. Who should do it? The Board of Directors. They are ripping freedom and a care-free loving spirit from your thoughts and body.

Those puppets can be condemned on their own words and deeds and lack of contrition. But Bill Cosby must be considered innocent until proven otherwise. Consider distinguishing gross narcissistic behavior that is publically broadcast with thesilenceof the accused amidst a chorus of rape allegations? Wasn’t Michael Jackson found innocent?And don’t fixate on these side shows in the first place. Focus on improving your soul and character. That is how you beat them. Bask in God’s greatness. Go to church and fellowship even if no one is there. Talk to someone in line at the store. Unite. Wait for the truth to come out and don’t have an opinion about something you truthfully know little about. But Trump? You know him. That’s what Usaf Islam said when he was denied entry into this country: “You know me.” Listen to his music and you will too. Shut off your fuming TV and learn to read a book not a brain realignment magnetic screen.

What did Franken call them all, “Liars?” And what has he done other than mock decency and virtue and Christians as hypocrites (Some of who are also puppets used to degrade the righteous). And doesn’t Franken attack everyone else.Senator Franken (Didn’t Springer audaciously run for Congress?)does not know where to look for virtue and love and decency. And that is because him and Maher are atheists. They are cynical nasty hypnotists who rise and fall and rise again. They are ripping the soul out of your body.

And lastly, consider the knot that the secret police embedded in the NYPD has put the public in. One of their “own” smashes the face of a unarmed distraught citizen into the cement. The officer employs a death-choke hold while several other enormous officers hold him down. I repeat. The officer choked the suspect to death with all kinds of back up around him. A very attractive female officer then appeared many minutes later to pronounce him “alive” though he was dead. They leave him on the cement, handcuffed and unable to breath or not breathing at all. I think they lied. The officers then attempt no life saving measures. But we won’t know because there may not be a trial. This appears a professional hit and cover up.

That is why the Ferguson state “grand Jury” decision was so sad. No evidence, no trial, no argument, no truth. All kinds of probable cause existed while a baby faced chipper CNN “legal” “expert” declares that prosecutors should only bring cases they feel they can win, as if that were the new legal standard. But the prosecutor brought the indictment, didn’t they. What is his point other than massive deception on an international stage. I have stood in front of juries – one twenty year old smiled bashfully at me in the trial. Another huffed and rolled his eyes. They tried to get under my skin. It did not work. I got a verdict and judgment on the most difficult tort to prove – intentional infliction of emotional distress.

I also got a verdict and a judgment on this same cause of action on a personal claim against BJ Balloons. The owner of the company put my name on a 1-800 gay dating service when I was married with children after performing at my daughter’s first birthday. That’s what they do. And I never was allowed to take another case to trial. They all got dismissed and so I started appealing every decision, twice to the Supreme Court. It is my opinion that those grand juries in New York and Ferguson may have plants on them. It happens all the time. You see, the clerks who control the jury lists sometimes cooperate with the network. That is why they acquit and don’t indict guilty men. People should accept that your system of justice is completely corrupt and broken. Remember that Guiliani supported the police after one sodomized an immigrant in a bathroom at headquarters. Maybe his hair piece and all the “insecurity” that goes with it distorted his judgment.

Then we hear that amidst criticism of the NYPD, that arrests and crime are plummeting. So it appears that heavy handed tactics work even though they terrify the population and divide the population. We hear of the police union taking on the Mayor. Are they taking on their own superior because he questions whether some of the officers should be prosecuted and fired? Are they hunkering down and spitting in their boss’s eye to push back his denunciations with greater force. That is audacious. The police must be called on this ploy and honest police must condemn the actions of the officer(s) responsible for the death. Hit them until they can’t get up. That is what they do. Don’t be afraid to be humiliated.

Consider taking a simple approach to this mind twist – support the police and work with them and, the minute a brazen unjustified attack occurs, fire that person(s) or team immediately, and prosecute and condemn the man who did it. Do these two diametrically opposite things at the same time. Don’t let them control the debate with deception and threats and publicity stunts to gain sympathy. And show up in great force to honor the police who were assassinated. Some police are targeted by crime organizations and some police target innocent citizens and are similar criminals themselves. It has happened to me five times. I was drugged by police, threatened, and ridiculed during stops and visits to headquarters. I hand delivered a complaint to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office and another to the FBI – I have not heard. And that is why I got rid of my “Browning” shotgun my father gave me. (Note the falls of Chris Brown, Jackson Brown, Bobbie Brown, James Brown, Gov. Gerry Brown, Gardner Brown – ask Lyndon Johnson what brown means.) That is why I never go into my glove box and hang my arm out the window during frequent police stops.

So separate the criminals from the saints . . . everywhere. Learn from Penn State. The players should not be punished. They are blameless. I have said it over and over – there is a highly sophisticated network of criminals in this country who deceive even those who assist it. They are part of a larger maze. So do not assist anyone unless they have a police or FBI badge on them. A piece of paper is a piece of “Red Cell Seven” paper.

Just ask Jimi Hendrix. This wonderful soul and musician was asked by Dick Cavett? about his his “unorthodox” version of the National Anthem. Jimi said, “I don’t think it was unorthodox at all. I thought it was beautiful.” Anyone who heard it would note the twisted minor chords and distorted overdriven harmonics that pushed it far past a Hitchcock thriller sound track. The question is “Who killed Hendrix and Lennon and dozens of others?” Different targets, different methods. “There are a hundred ways to kill someone and you know about three of them.”Did you hear me the first time? Are the frame artists and their army in American the same ones who always do it and always gets away with it?”

Jimi did not take on the mercenaries even after heroine was planted in his luggage and he was arrested. He beat that “rap” and thenit was planted in his body.He never took on the powerful. And it did not work, Chris Christie. Your little talk with Boner did not work either. (There are Js and C-Cups everywhere.) And he is dead just like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jim Croce, and Curt Cobain? All at the age of 27? Amy Winehouse was how old? Is that possible or is this a case of an ocean wave of manicured hair and a plate of cookies given to others? Say to yourself that when planes go down over and over carrying celebrities and the Kennedy’s,that it is notjust a “twist of fate.”Probability and math do not lie. People do, all the time.

Someone moved that briefcase placed next to Hitler that detonated. He thus escaped death and called it “providence”. Who moved the briefcase? Perhaps the same one who orchestrated and knew about the plot to kill Hitler – an SS spy. And it may have been orchestrated overseas in Britain by the English minister who allowed Hitler to annex a previously held territory by issuing an edict. Can you imagine that occurring around 1938 after WW I. It was a confidence booster for Hitler. His popularity soared. So they covertly bring Hitler up and they take him down so that, in the end, the public gets sick of the roller coaster ride. They lose hope. They bow to the status quo of death and mayhem.

Stop being scared of being called “paranoid” or a “conspiracy theorist”.They will put a hurt on you and make you second guess yourself when you speak up. So then you will avoid the “pain “that they caused when you asserted yourself. They don’t want you to do it again. So I suggest working through the pain. Pain is not so bad. I am an expert on tolerating pain that is inflicted by others. Don’t be denied your mind and bold character. Why do you think they came up with the DSM symptoms that include, “Is able to sporadicallywork for long periods on ahighly concentrated basis?” The networkand their hired guns created these DSM charts to neutralize geniuses and saints by labeling them as “disturbed” or “manic”. That is how they defeat truth. Ask Ludlum, Clancy, Cussler or Norman Mailor, the author of “Harlot’s Ghost”, if they usually wrote ten hours a day to produceall those epics. I will say it now: “I can work at a highly focused and concentrated level for six straight hours, only walking around once in a while to stretch. And I can do it twice a day seven days a week.” I had to make deadlines as a trial and appellate attorney. And I do it for the public, free of charge. You are welcome.Alltheseslanders swirl around as the wolf sneaks back into the forest after a midnight attack.So blame the Governor cowards, the police and the CEOs who let it get this bad.

Syria now employs the ISIS to define Islam, control the opposition and divide the world,while criminals/terrorists multiple in America at an astonishing rate (Sounds like Matt Damon in “Promised Land”). Amidst all this counter espionage, the extremist regime canthen slaughter 200,000 of their own civilians and, in the process, they donot lookextreme. They are just fighting terrorism. Ask yourself why the U.S. Secretary of State stated that Korea was out of our hemisphere of strategic interest, abetting an incursion and, conveniently and paradoxically, drawing American into another war. (I learned that at the Veterans Museum I found in the basement of a Trader Joe’s outlet. And no, I never worked for the U.S. military in anyway.) Does this sound like Kuwait or the Cubafiasco. The spies do it every time. They like death and the tyranny of the few. - See more at: https://stevepalmerband.com/blog.html#.dpuf

So, I would suggest you focus on a saint, Detrich Bonhoeffer. If you ever wonder what WWII was all about, study his writings and the story of German Orthodox Catholics and the persecution of the Ante-Baptists in Austria. At the end of the war, he was forced on a German trolly from prison to be hanged. Along the way, a church member asked him to preach to the congregation. He agreed unable to think with exhaust fumes coming into the cabin during 20 hours of travel. He did not back down and hug the SS guard who let him speak. Detreich was a servant. He served God and you. Act grateful.

Detrich was then hanged by a licensed M.D.After the hanging, the Doctor wrote that he had never witnessed a man more fully“concedeto the will of God”. God did not kill Detrich Bonhoeffer. The filthy doctor spy killed him.He was probably one of many who lived in the U.S. on Visas during his golden years collecting social security. That is precisely what the Nazis were warring against – the good and the Godly. Just like in the U.S. The Nazis wanted to do exactly what they believe drove and defined their “natural instinct”. Just like the greedy who accumulate wealth while everyone else suffers. They did not want to realize their potential or explore the parameters of their heart. They wanted to conquer land, challenges, the economy, inferior cultures and most importantly, the Godly.

So which side are you on? And how many more planes are you going to let the Bermuda triangle take down? Is this triangle like the trinity? You better cement the difference clearly in your brain. One is good and love and one produces evil and death at an astonishing rate. One is man-made and another is made by God. Meditate on it. There is a difference.


In my soon to be published play, “The Sleeping Giant”, the character Walter suggests that the structure of progress has already been laid. What is needed are honest people to manage “the thing” and beat back those who oppose goodness and morality. Just ask Usaf Islam, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bob Dylan and Marley, Bobbie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joni Mitchell, and so many other poets, prophets, saints and good hearts.

For example, today I walked into a public library and after a squabble about their computer system’s refusal to allow me access to my “Go Daddy” account (Is there a connection?), I stubbornly refused to leave and went to find a book. I wanted to quickly and quietly explain sophisticated hackers, criminals and terrorists in our country to the librarian.

I walked to the stacks and picked up “Liberty and Freedom: A Visual History of American’s Founding Ideals”, by David Hackett Fischer. He suggests that “habits of the heart”, a concept first espoused by De Touqeville, best define the shifting definitions and boundaries of liberty in America. He states that what we become “accustomed” to do, and the way we have been molded to think, best defines how far our rights and privileges extend during a particular period in history. I would call this mutilated concept of freedom “modern culture”. Even Collin Powell stated on Nightline that he studied culture as an instrument of war at the War College? Would that mean that food, recreation, industry, employment, health and love are also instruments of war? Isn’t that what culture is?

Then I independently opened up to four individual pages. I found the following quotes:

  1. On page 193, Fischer states that founding father James Madison wanted to avoid allowing a faction to tyrannize the population. He suggested” enlarging the system” of representation and creating an empire of liberty;“This was the theme of his final “advice to my country,” which urged above all “that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated. Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened; and the disguised one, as the Serpent creeping with his deadly wiles into Paradise.”

  2. On Page 202, I found a reference to an early U.S. Newspaper, the Cooperstown Switch. It summarized its vision of a free press in a stanza:
    “To seek, to find the kennel’d pack, To lacerate the Rascals back. Detect their crimes, expose their pranks, And put to flight their ragged ranks.”

  3. On pg. 360, Fischer wrote, “The depth of hostility (after the Civil War) also indicates that the root of the problem was not to be found in material things – not in the absence of material support for former slaves. Its root was a head on collision between two ways of thinking about the world – both deeply believed. One was a vision of southern liberty and white supremacy, which was stronger than it had been before the war. The other was an ideal of freedom for former slaves, the rule of law, which was larger than ever.”

  4. Again on 360, he writes “The Freedman’s Bank failed in 1874, and many former slaves lost savings. Southern Democrats were quick to develop counter images. An example is a drawing called “Murder of Louisiana, Sacrificed on the Altar of Radicalism.” This explains why African Americans built their colleges, families and churches almost completely by themselves. (The exception is affirmative action which is now Supreme Court History. So are property rights, separation of powers, antitrust law, laws against killing the unborn and protecting victims.) The entrenched white-man curse rules – win at all costs. They will never stop blaming blacks, women, parents, bigotry or God for the problems they caused.

My top ten questions are:

  1. Are our recycled wars, divisions and bitterness based on big cotton, big oil, “ideology” or “theology”, or can it be distilled into a battle between (1) Supremacy of the few and the subjugating of others (Evil); and (2) The rule by laws where bad people who do bad things are imprisoned and/or alienated from all that society offers (Good, Truth and Justice).

  2. How did America’s bloodiest war end up morfing again into another “reign of terror” during reconstruction where blacks were savagely terrorized and hunted? Did similarly situated savages just kill 141 Pakistani children? Who would create an image of a poor “sacrificed” Louisiana, while former slaves had savings wiped out? Who would manipulate political attitudes with this insane juxtaposition of images?

  3. Where was law and order during reconstruction (and now), and did this terror merely give the powerful an excuse to continue to subjugate the masses behind the scenes? Does evil control with terror? Are evil forces embedded in our institutions that make it very hard to fight? Is there evil in this country as defined by acts against Indians, African Americans, women, immigrants, gays and Godly Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims? Why have we never been able to beat it? Where are the police and justice departments?

  4. Do we have a reign of terror now on the street with hundreds of thousands gunned down and the masses scared and running for cover. Did we have a reign of terror during the great depression, the McCarthy hearings, the Vietnam war, the Salem witch trials and the “war on El Queda”? Who is El Queda and where do they get their information and power to kill 5000 troops after we roll over Iraq in three days? Who is pulling the strings and fomenting and facilitating this negative destructive energy.

  5. Where did this evil “reign of terror” come from considering that so few people would openly endorse racism, sexism, war, gang warfare, and other causes that pull apart society? What motivates these people and why are thousands wrongfully imprisoned for these crimes other people committed?

  6. Was the assassination of Lincoln and reconstruction a vicious retaliatory whiplash because the culprits of the war can’t admit when they are wrong, defeated or allied with a demon force? Or are they just doing what they always do regardless of the consequences? Do they like chaos and killing good people?

  7. If the “serpent” is surreptitiously creeping “into paradise”, is it possible that they reside next door or down the hall from each of us, befriending some while actually working against them behind the scenes? Do they feed the greedy with bonuses and enticements while asking for the occasional favor? Do they impress with success, appearance or impart tantalizing information that makes them appear “in the know?” Are they impressive? How does a skunk smell good?

  8. If political rebellion ended the era of “good feelings, the depression ended the roaring ‘20s and the brotherhood of the 60’s ended with a string of assassinations, is it possible that someone does not want goodness and brotherhood to rule and cement good people together? Wouldn’t we become very powerful if goodness united and we rejected the enticements of power, influence, fame, pride, twisted lewd acts and gestures, graphic violent images that deform the brain and soul, and the other tricks of the trade?

  9. Why were images so important in the war of propaganda between political parties, corporations and Political Action Committees? Why is there “True Religion”, “Blue Cross”, “Free People” and “Justice” for kids? Does “Anything Go.” Why was boxing destroyed? So we could watch men, “women” and children “patriot” fight and bludgeon each other to death in a cage. Shocking. Why does Dr. “Oz” show women “empowering” themselves by plucking out cancer cells in super-sized ovaries? What about the cause?

  10. Why does no one have any idea why there are four intelligence agencies in this country: CIA, the military’s Agency of Intelligence, the NSA and the FBI? What do they do? Why don’t they talk to us about all the problems we have? Why won’t they tell us the truth about the environment, the deficit, crime, illness and drugs? Don’t they trust each other? Aren’t they on the same team? What are they scared of - the truth? Why would anyone be scared of the truth?


All one has to do is look at the headlines to conclude that something (singular) or many things (plural) are very wrong with society and culture. Reality shows and the news portray human behavior as akin to outrageous violent acts of caged wild animals that are provoked and threatened. We are losing our humanity or someone is taking it away.

The repetitive visual frames brought into homes with 24/7 TV have created and embedded unhealthy stereotypes and inaccurate attitudes. But one thing is clear – while perhaps not the norm, much behavior on both a professional and pedestrian level is out of control. This makes people lose hope and question our fellow man and woman. When people are scared or confused, they do not share, smile, extend themselves and give.

I have spoken of the decline in morality, the marginalization of churches, engineering of food and the disintegration of family, friendships and love. And I admit that some of my commentary has been encased in code and confusing symbolism and contrasts. But I want to now be completely clear about this missing piece that has been ignored and hidden by power brokers – the media, surveillance specialists, the business elite and governmental “agencies.” They are all culpable of failing to inform and notify the public of dangerous conditions and products. And they certainly have not regulated them.

There are three main classes of “stimulants” and “drugs” that must be acknowledged as contributing in a significant way to the events we see in media and to the attitudes that many have:

  1. Chemical Additives, Artificial Coloring and Enhancers in FoodThat Are Used in the Processing and Packaging of Products: All kinds of harmful toxins and unnecessary additives are added during manufacturing, packaging, distribution and the display of food. Both natural foods such as vegetables, fruit and meat are affected by sprays, hormones, “waxes”, preservatives and, of course, pesticides and engineered fertilizers. Theseare still synthetic drugs and affect the structure, digestion and absorption of the micro-nutrients of otherwise healthy foods. But to a larger extent, processed foods are engineered and affect your health, the ability to focus and concentrate, and levels of anxiety, energy and moods. That “new car smell” or fire retardants and stainmaster “protection”on carpet are really chemicals or drugs that affect health and mental agility. You are less likely to speak up and exert yourself and even protest cancer epidemics when impaired. And this effect can be pronounced or “known” or it can be very subtle, subconscious and undetectable.
  2. The Use of Emotional Expanders, “Truth Serums”, or Relaxants: This group of drugs or stimulants have been used for years by police, investigators or other quasi business/governmental/surveillance agencies. Based on my experience, observation and beliefs (and that is what all of these comments are based on), I believe that law enforcement or outside third parties at times place stimulants and devices on law enforcement equipment and at the scene of hostilities. While it seems incomprehensible, this is how classes of people are controlled – by pitting group against group and by making them look like caged animals that deserve what they get. It is very important to note that the “police” agency or government does not do this – usually just individuals secretly engage in this practice and it alienates citizens from all the good police, school teachers or neighbors. The larger organizations may cover it all up but they don’t usually endorse it. These drugs have been traditionally used to coerce suspects to “open up” and tell the truth during interrogations. This facilitates coerced and voluntary confessions, both true and false. It does this by influencing suspectsand now people to drop their defenses and speak rather than insist on an attorney. But used on the street, the drugs inhaled or brought into contact with the skin makes it very difficult for targets to regulate their own behavior, to reflect and to exert self control over impulses and feelings.
  3. The Use of Drugs By Organized Crime Against Targets or “People of Interest”: In my travels and interactions, I often refer to organized crime as “systemic in America.” But, the masses have been led to believe, through the media, FBI news flashes and word of mouth, that organized crime involves the mob or Russian or Chinese syndicates. But there are other powerful networks of back-alley, closed-door and “buddy/buddy” networks in American that facilitate and cooperate with “organized crime” or “coercion tactics”. This may involve anti-trust violations, RICO violations or generic “crimes”. And the co-conspirators may be conscious of what they are doing or may be completely in the dark. But it includes certain individuals in every sector of civic, economic and cultural enterprise in this country - and now, perhaps the world. They are very powerful.

    Illicit and very harmful drugs are also, at times, placed on products and packaging of a target. Of course, the people who do this are criminals, but they often claim to simply “react” in retaliation or fear that the target customer or client might assault them in some way. For example, if a woman senses a “come one”, they may claim to feel threatened. So they reach in their back pocket, get a bottle opener and serve a beer with something smeared on the label or bottle neck. Or they put it in the drink, on the straw or on the glass. The point is that this is a “false justification” and the real reason for the drugs is to target individuals, affect behavior, get them impaired or cause illness or injury. And these “cocktail” waitresses, bartendersand so many others are in fact cooperating with a heinous crime syndicate that creates wars, causes divorces, neutralizes “public enemies” with false accusations, distributes illegal narcotics, incites and instigates police brutality and creates mass chaos. “While the hens are running in circles, lost in the woods, the foxes can snatch the eggs. And you will never know they were there.”
  4. As sad as this is to consider, my experience is that devices are or can be placed in cars, computers and even homes in thousands of cases across America. This does not necessarily happen at manufacturing plants, but can occur anywhere along the distribution chain which is why retail outlets have been “consolidated” into a few brands. It affects family life, creates addictions to hand held devices and affects interpersonal relations and thought patterns. Vandals can also access these personal spaces to apply toxic stimulants that cause children to cry and act out and causesfeelings of emotional upheaval. It also causes accidents, alienation, depression, anxiety and arguments. I refer to it as the “brainwashing of America” but obviously, if I am right, it has far reaching consequences. Be careful of plasma TV’s, computers and hand held devices that letch fumes and toxins. Just smell them for yourself and experience what happens to your body and mind. Computers and the internet are powerful tools in a free society and criminal syndicates want to control and limit its use and application. They don’t want to get found out.

    The fumes pass into the lungs and are then absorbed. At restaurants, they same thing goes on. It causes discomfort and pain and sometimes medical anomalies and symptoms. People lie all the time about interactions, sexual assaults and threats. So getting to the truth when co-conspirators are threatened or controlled is very difficult. You need lie detector tests and a ban on electronic and communication devices at work.

    These drugs alsoaffect behavior, feelings of self worth, human interactions and can neutralize so called “agitators”. Targets of organized crime are often just good Samaritans that make others look bad. They are consumer advocates and are sometimes just interested in truth and justice. But they are branded as “lunatics”, national security threats or “foreign sympathizers.” Just look at the McCarthy hearings. These drugs also affect safety on the road, business and familial interactions and, more importantly, perceptions people have of minorities, immigrants, women, gays, religious leaders and the virtuous.

Lawyers and prosecutors have to learn to apply these classifications to hundreds of recent cases; marital discord, police brutality, child and spousal abuse, child rearing and self control, out bursts aimed at friends and strangers, medical prognoses, DSM classifications, and the influence of chemicals when co-ordinated with complex imagery, sex, violence and dismemberment in movies, music videos and TV. The combinations of stimulants and shocking images, in my opinion, can have a profound and lasting effects on the way people’s brain waves line up and how they interact. This is especially true when received on surround sound applications, plasma electronic devices, inside an electrical fieldand while using other hand held devices that affect neuro-muscular function.

I may do pieces in the future on the Tony Stewart disaster, the Ferguson killing, the mask of the KKK, or the Jerry Springer pathetic frames. These tragedies and others may involve a combination of drugs and inside embedded handlers. But the main point is the media, entertainment companies, and business leaders are making millions off these products. And they are controlling people. They tout entrepreneurship as the key to advancing society. But in many cases, they are creating illusions and molding your personality and attitudes.

The country must wake up, embrace the truth about power, evil (when you understand the distinction between sin and evil you will be on your way - read the bible) and the subjugation of the masses. People must look hard at our so called democratic capitalist society. And everyone must learn to relearn to think, exchange and argue freely . . . in an expressive and civil way. There is much work for all of us to do in the future. I will be writing and thinking and offering help. But as for you . . . get going.

Written In Entirety On 12/4/14 between 9-11 am.


Steve is hiding out . . . well it’s a secret so thelocation is undisclosed. But the getaway is away and safe relative to the living conditions of his previous “residence”, “neighborhood” and “community”. He is away from the empire, the coordinated attacks, the surveillance, the frame-jobs and the network of gangs; male, female, youth, contractor, immigrant, professional, Soviet, Asian, Italian and American. And this getaway has lots of cows which leads to this month’s Christmas gift which is all that will be offered. Up on the homepage for you and your families as a download is “War Paint’s On.”

Steve wrote and recorded the song in two hours in the hotel where he currently resides. He recorded it on his iphone and imported it into garage band. “I can’t go to recording studios because of the lies, the drugs, the deceit, the manipulated digital tracks and the way I am treated. Everyone just wants to cover the backsides of all the previous engineers/studios I worked with in the past. And, I wanted write a song about the cows across the street who suddenly started wailing for days. It mirrors the deterioration of the family which has led to apathy and crime and drugs in the youth, animosity everywhere that is unspoken but felt, false individualism and the disintegration of the church in this country. Or, you could say all these currents engineered by men have ripped apart families.

“People put themselves first and they stand upand achieve without accomplishing anything lasting in human and spiritual terms. The giving spirits are not valued or cherished in this country. As I always have said, when the majority of women become aggressive, single minded and absorbed with self just like many men are, we are doomed. The gentle spirits are being led astray - out of the pasture. And they have no idea who is doing the leading . . . terrifying, not to know the significance and purpose of your actions.”


I descended into the huge arena style gift shop again to find an object of society’s sad fate. In seconds, it was so easy, I stood in front of another piece of the puzzle . . . the iconic, the bejeweled, the uplifting stiletto high heel designer pump. And I asked how did this happened, that women’s brain waves and self perception had conformed to accept and crave this item embedded in an image that “looked so good.” Why did men crave gadget after gadget that allowed them to escape from relationships and avoid giving and talking about emotions.

This knife strapped to a heel, the core ofstability, that women have learned to accept. This tool of the trade that grew spores and boney growths and this high wire balancing act they mastered while trying to engage in face to face conversation with a date? This instrument of pain and suppressed anger.This object of desire. Why did this all happen?

Why the corset in Victorian England? It has lace with heavy tight strings, formed by unyielding heavy material. It created a tantalizing image of arcing curves, slender frames and soft hidden desires. It made men angry in hot pursuit just as women were. And it crushed reproductive organs. It sterilized some women. That hopeful joyous love of giving and caring for an unformed life was taken away and with it went the spirit of generations. That corset like so many abandoned pregnancies cut a piece of a woman’s heart away. It just became accepted as the answer for the plight of woman when voting rights were taken away from the same merchants.

I wore a corset for two years, with steel rods. I lay in traction vertically and then horizontally,just as the “very best’ orthopedic “mind” suggested. Then came rounds of physical therapy, ¼ inch needles, electrical impulses when all I needed was a quick pop at the L5. I went from an adjustment to running 5 miles and lifting. The very best mind was trumped by a courageous high school grad with the bed side manner of a sumo wrestler. At age 15, I got off the roller coaster from treatment to side effects to alternative therapy to medication. I cut it all out at age 15.

That is what women and men are on – a roller coaster up and down ride of expectations and despair and back to hope again. And through the quagmire of sideshows, we still have the ISIS hiding behind Hamas, hiding behind Syria, hiding behind . . .? We are drawn into the cycle of mindless pursuit through media and self help magazines and advice of friends. We don’t lean on others or our friends. Rather popular culture is pulled in a direction by the other. It is another type of hypnosis through illusion and smoke and mirrors.

How does it happen? Images confronted over and over print a “truth” or desire or a thought on your brain. It closes in and organizes an open cognitive three dimensional plane and directs it into a linear, guided plane of limitations. They do this with sharp lines, mosaic patterns, humanoid stares by run-away models, the turning away from an ecstatic teammate, a glorifying,audacious and obnoxious end zone “ritual”, the trumpeting of self acceptance and self love. Love is an outward expression not an inward pursuit. This is how reflective thought is limited and avoided - through the endless parade of things to do and places to see and experiences to enjoy. You don’t have time to connect the dots in your life, painted by someone else. Infomercials, “its all about he economy” and sitcoms do it all for you. Commentary fills in the blanks.

And when you act out these fantasies, your mind follows. Pride and vanity create road blocks to the pursuit of alternative considerations and actual truth. You are taught there is no truth and all people have strengths and weakness. “We are all the same.” There is no judgment in your life, only responses and desires.People don’t know how to “think outside the box anymore.” Literally, physically, they are unable to. That’s how Jonestown worked. Try getting “mad as hell and doing something about it”. Drown out the loud, minority mercenaries. Get good and mad and tell them.

Consider the landscape. Fatty foods and “Sweet Endings” and “Sinful Desires” allow you to “indulge”. You gain weight after a sensory triggering mechanism is engaged and enjoys and then wants sugar. To break the addiction, the industry – that which is before you 24/7 – offers nothing for the soul. That is what really” needs” something. There is no love, community, faith or touching of a crying child or a wounded veteran. You can’t do that. Even YMCA tells you all about shame and fear. They have a separate bathrooms for “Boys” and “Men.” That’s nuts. There are quads and metal dividers and compartments everywhere. Who is driving this train? No one is gonna tell me not to play basketball with two nine year old boys at the Y. I had a blast.

No. When you have complications or side effects or longings, the industry sells and creates the answer. That is capitalism run amuk by man. They have botox, implants, lipo suction and tanning booths. They have surgery when all you need is to be held by your husband. They have Porsches designed for the family when all you need is acceptance and time in a park looking at and not shooting at a deer. You don’t need to “take it home with you in a bag.” Just enjoy it.

The images painted show an unflattering picture of women without makeupor with wrinkles or wrapped in cellulite. Or they show a fallen star in Glen Campbell, with hair in his face after a DUI. Don’t buy that. Listen to “Galveston” or “Phoenix.”. Glen Campbel is a star shining brightely while debilitating by something or someone. These “painted ladies” and spies and images become so undesirable that you are horrified. You need help and grab at anything in front of you that everyone else seems to like. You buy a box or a pump fake or a new club. Men now have instruments to chistle harsh edges on their face. Women have eyebrow plucking. Mean. Yuk. Everyone has eye wear to avoid the windows to the soul. Lies are everywhere. They havethe promises of P90X and six pack abs. They have commercials that show you how to throw a mischevious, adoring,- but always seductive and shockingly fakeand corney - glance at your “partner.”

Mankind and womankind are being pushed inward into a lonely place where people stay to themselves rather than risk talking to a stranger because they don’t “Look like you do”, as Phil Collins and Bruce Hornsby says. What would you give up for freedom and true happiness. What would you sacrifice?Because you have to give up something to get something. That is the truth.

Men have fraternity on the golf course and man-caves that pull them from children that just need “Daddy. And so the delicate new spirits chases a sensation into the abyss, retarding and distorting development of the brain and numbing the emotions. Children’s self worth is falling deeper into a “Landslide”. You want medicine? Listen to that song over and over. Then go to “Gold Dust Woman”. Then go to “Gypsy” and “Dreams.” GO to the 1960’s and 1970s. Avoid everything but Mumford & Sons, Rachel Yamagate, John Legend and Tegan and Sarah and Ben GIbbard and Neil Young and the like. Replace miley with “Wrecking Ball (Press On)” by Building 429. Listen to Fastball.

There is a maze and you are in it. The maze is designed by some very smart people. They don’t want you to find out about them. They are filth and rot. They are jealous. They want to make you like them. The stiletto is just one example. And why did you not think of this. It’s the name. Stilletto. It shuts off your brain from considering that they are replacing love with pain and anger and pursuit. They are carving up your body, your soul and your family. It’s the image. Beauty. It’s the price. Sought after. It’s the store. Madison Avenue. It’s the buzz. Media.

The answer is so easy. Its not the self. Its not acceptance or self-love.Its not a craze or ambition or a mob gathering that is “epic.” It is not the things placed in front of you. And it is not an antedote pushed by the Great OZ.

It is right there. Right down the street. On the corner. It is empty and cold and dark. It is warm and embraces friends. It is out of favor and it is timeless and loving. It is not talked about. It is kind and compassionate. It is ridiculed. But it gives love. It is not spoken about but it is words, themes, concepts and stories. It is uncared for but it still stands.

It is right there. Go find it.

September 26, 2014

Attached is a letter Steve send to a “promotor”, “sound engineer” and “music store owner” who provided equipment and promoted at an event Steve played at a week ago. The names of the parties involved are not disclosed to protect the innocent and the guilty. But it happened.

Mr. Entertainer: I wanted to again share my thoughts about the event last week. First, I will say that I am a professional musician who has put his heart, talent, schedule and resources into the promotion of my band and music. Thousands or children and dreamers have had their plans and talents crushed in this country and this event is just another example or how criminal networks pull the soul out of the body. In light of that truth and my attempts to bring enlightened and new music to the public, I want to reiterate the following:

  1. You offered me a spot at the festival in about July of this year. You only told me the event would take place in the third week of September. That is all the information I ever got until the morning of the show and my slot began at 11:00 in the morning. I asked over and over for two months for information about, date, time, address, load in and sound check and got nothing. I then emailed you the night before after messages were not answered. I received a reply the morning of the event that was sent late the night before. Moreover, the email only gave the following information: "Ongoing at the Fair Moon Stand wood burning-right here on the plaza-please touch base for nore info on their demo." As you know I live one and a half hours away and had no idea as to the location at 9:30 for the 11:00 show. I called your shop in route and then called your cell to get a address. (Is all this in "apparent" retaliation by some unknown entity for me canceling a session at _ Recording Studio 24 hours prior to the session? I don't know?) But I do know your "assistant" over at Beams either did not give you my messages or you did not respond to them. And I personally spoke to you three times about this event in your shop and on the phone over the last two months and still no specific information. Even without requests, you should automatically give information that I outlined in my email to any artist who is going to perform live for an event you are going to sponsor and engineer. And you had my email because I got an email from you months before the event and I gave you my business card.

  2. I had justification to cancel my appearance but I have never done this and refuse to miss a scheduled event. (I once was slotted two hours before a show to start "before!$?" the event even started because some punk group bought onto the event days before after I had "bought on" and shipped my whole band to the event in a coach. I still played.)

  3. Of course, I wanted to play my guitar and prepare for the gig. So I ordered a pick up because I have electronic problems with altered devices, batteries, foot operated electrical pedals ect. For these reasons I ordered through your shop a acoustic pick up over two mounts prior to the gig. Of course, this involved "UPS", distributors and manufacturers all of whom could have caused the "delays." (This is how small family owned and cared for businesses are run into the ground in America - through a coordinated conspiracy of sabotagers. This is one reason I suggest fascist hidden alliances control our "free enterprise" market.) And the pick up supposedly did not arrive in time and still has not arrived even though I paid for it in full. I ended up having to mic a live acoustic guitar. I appreciate your offering your Taylor with the tainted polish (I tried it and smelled it and could not play it.) As a result of all this, I had to make many adjustments on stage and while performing. But it was a poor performance on my part for these and other reasons. I prepared, my reputation again hung in the balance and a whole host of characters controlled my ability to perform according to my abilities and training. It hurt you and me but mostly, it hurts society and peoples everywhere. All this only supported the lies that have been said and spread about me, my band and my label. Fortunately, I have live performances where Arythmia Records controlled every facet of the production and these three Nashville performances are representative. And vocals on those videos were not doctored by on line digital, melodine "hackers" and cultural criminals/terrorists. They are on tube.

  4. Every professional musician prefers a sound check. I did not have one except to bring up the levels in front of the audience. But it was not isolated or controlled. If I had forewarning I would have arrived prior to the gig. With notice at 9:00 am, I got to the venue ten minutes before the gig. I also dealt with vandals who broke into my car. When we did do the "sound check", all your levels were down so I played for 5 minutes without amplification with you and I unable to “communicate” . . . and with the public looking at us for results. Now it is not unusual to arrive ten minutes before a gig if people have worked with each other in the past. And having no sound check also is common. But nothing worked according to the manufacturer's specification: a XLR cable broke, one mic gone and a monitor not working that had to be replaced. This also “happens” and I am used to it, but it compounded other more serious problems. As a result I could not hear guitar levels at all. Lastly, I was given no information about the small drummer’s monitor to my left. I never heard it. Was it on? I just moved forward to sing to my own voice through the fronts.

  5. Additionally, there were chemical substances on the cement, on the plastic awning above me (Were they there to provide "cover" for the electronic rigging of the system? I have no problems with un-doctored plastics.), problems with random voltage/frequency issues and/or fumes coming from nearby truck/car's undercarriage. The possible combinations and variables are numerous-that's why there are so many variables floating around in our lives. So the injured and maligned are always shooting and guessing in the dark. Because of this hazardous work environment, I could not control my voice. I almost switched up to a guitar solo performance because someone rigged this entire monitoring system and environment to destroy my performance and my reputation. I am not necessarily suggesting that you or your shop by yourself did this. It could have been electronic specialists but the electrical and chemical field was painful and twists muscle groups and other functions. I also note that someone may have had access to the gear before, in the studio or from the event. And I do not have any specific information or accusation about the precise organization/individual(s) responsible for these problems but multiple things very wrong. I knew this might happen which is why I did not publicize the event on my website.

    I enjoy performing like all musicians, but this was a bad experience, is typical of what I and other performers such as Dan Fogelburg experience(d), and it must stop if culture is to freely express and drive and help define human interaction. So I believe my performance was sabotaged by lack of communication about the event, a last minute email, vandals, assistants, cyber criminals/terrorists, electronic hackers and chemical spills. This is part of a larger picture to destroy great art, malign a performer and turn communities against him and beautiful and inspired art forms. I am not pointing a finger because security shadows have no body to put in jail - I just make observations and state the facts as I know them. They? are everywhere and use many unknowing "co-patriots" to camoflogue and support their murderous? efforts. Steve


After twenty years of constant travel, observation and interactive work in nine different fields, I have cut off media and many Fortune 500 companies. I have had no TV for a year - plasma, 3d, “streamed” or overhead. I did not pick up a printed newspaper for months, or go wire “less” or “on” line at home. I cut off cell services for a couple months to breathe easier. I “Axed Peace” (a new shampoo) and fired an energy provider who refused three times to replace a corroded iron rusted pipe in my basement. (Pecoblamed my new steam furnace and the plumber said, based on their guage, that the gas pipe leaked. . . twice!)I have no appliances except an electric kettle and rely on the YMCA for showers. I don’t play rigged electric guitars, “mikes” or amps anymore. I avoid “front of house”engineers (should be “back of house”), and I avoid protool“ engineers” like a plague (it’s the extra-terrestrials I can’t shake.)I have one and only one battery controlled tuner and no remotes. Wireless security system is gone. I walk with shoes on bare wood and measure shoes carefully. There are a hundred ways to injure and take over the masses.

Now, I will begin a 2-3 month long protest, refusing to eat wheat and animal products. Hint; it’s the chemical additives you are “allergic to” not the wheat. Tell your doctor to fly a kite and be an advocate for his patient. I hope to highlight the direct cause and by-product of the actions of the elite and the followers in this country. This empire was built on greed without soul, self interest that is “just human”, genocide now in different form, tycoons that must rape the poor or face elimination, deception that looks so good and war signifying nothing. The horror. And a tiny, non-vocal, growing, minority did most of it. Our present circumstances include; one million murders in the U.S. in 30 years, the depletion of natural resources, the assassination of journalists, diplomats and good hearted saints, constant wars that are “good for the economy”, and jealousies and resentments that are expanded to erode marriages, communities and schools. Specifically, I object to:

  1. The use of undisclosed “natural” and “artificial” flavorings, “preservatives” and sugar/salt/oil combinations that make things look and taste great but actually are creating addictive receptors in the brain. Disclosure. And they are numbing creative analytical thought and breeding couch zombies. (Try nature, beautiful art, and ‘60s and ‘70s music. You are what you consume, visually and otherwise.) And if you don’t put a chemical trio in your product, you won’t be selling it. They won’t distribute it. You will not earn a living because you will make the big guys look like the scum they are. The alternatives you hear about are not in your stores, they are not affordable. They are not even healthy anymore. Organic is not organic. The political appointees and infiltrators at the FDA made concessions based on business and environmental realities. There are no cops. The Supreme Court has even allowed the taking of personal residences for developers so that the poor can be moved in with their “own kind”. Then the rich will not have to look at them and interact with people who can’t “help themselves.” There are divisions everywhere and gray shadows sweep every corner of every street.

    For example, mayonnaise, fried coagulants, peanut butter, adhesives in paper products that melt around “Hot Beverages”, whey and synthetics fats can all build up in intestines and colons. Listen to your body. Then the actual “condition” or blockage that is ignored is “treated” with medicine for “occasional” “irregularity “or “loss of blood flow” to vital organs. Tension. Marital discord. Most people just need cleanses but no doctor will say this Truth. You have to go along to get along.

    In other words, if I asked you to drink motor oil, you would refuse because it tastes foul and it’s bad for you. But if I give you small quantities of something like motor oil and I make it taste good, you might not know it was in there. You might grow to like it. Then it will slowly break you down.

    Segments of the food and medical system are built around untruths and Madison Avenue magic, where little children, babies and sweet Motown jingles associate goodness with harmful products.“It’s all good.” In the long term you will suffer. I also strenuously object to the practices of the meat industry that torture and drug animals that have an important place on this earth. We must respect them and care for them. Calves are angry, scared and pulled from their mothers from birth. Just like children. The land and animals cannot produce pure milk and honey unless we respect and support it. Bees don’t like pollution and calves don’t like being alone. Just like adults. People don’t smile and hug and laugh like they used to because they are miserable and taught to “go it alone.” The youth are not taught to speak up, have fun or be themselves. They are often humiliated with subtle body language by unionized spies. (I was once asked by constitutional law Professor Wasserman at Georgetown Law, and in front of thirty classmates, “What, are you stupid?” I think he wanted me to quit. Good thing I am immune from humiliation.)

  2. . People do not need hypnotic bass saturated and distorted decibels, a guru, hyper-aggressive uncaring hyponotists, gutter language or hard bodies. Narrowed Fields of Perception. (Where have the geniuses gone who transcend, or the Saints who enlighten?)People need truth and accountability. We need to cut spending. We need to eliminate the dyes and packaging that may look benign until hair falls out, hands shake and rashes appear. Then, as you suffer, sound bites, sitcoms and commentary teach you exactly how to think. At the same time, they preach that everyone is “entitled to their opinion” and that we are all the same. We are not all the same. Pigs are pigs. Doves are doves.

    The contradictions continue between the perception of freedom and embedding norms of behavior. Just ask the activists who tried to get everyone to consider the harm we were doing . . . until horned rimmed morning hosts said they stunk - over and over. Or until a plant lite up a joint. Everyone now is “civil” and protects the great OZ. Stun gun. When they do speak up, a dose of pain or humiliation is administered. Just ask the Haverford graduates. No one will say there are good kinds people and bad mean greedy people. It is a “World According to Garp” . . . and Carrie. According to who?

  3. Modified and ramped up fertilizers and pesticides are replacing a dying disease ridden bat population and basic good farming principles. Greed. Why not quit killing the bats. They don’t cause cancer. And what goes in that land, goes into corn, then into cooking oil, into gas-o-line, in the air, into lungs, onto skin, into blood and through the heart. It covers grass, lines cow utters with film and attracts bacteria and comes out as “milk”, that then has to be “sweetened” so kids will drink. Looks are skin deep. Then the goo invades our kidneys and vessels. They don’t want Mother Nature to manage food production. The industry and economy and politicians and FDA and criminal networks want to. They want engineered GMO’s and gluten free chemicals (Suggestion – your digestive system needs fiber and the poor need a cheap source of protein). The power elite want manipulated choice and waste sitting in your gut. Population control. But in the end, you are what you consume, feel, look at, and think. If you want to be a robot, eat synthetic oil used for fries at ballgames and inhale chemicals. “They are up for that.” But even with the mind and now body control, you can still be a bionic superhuman. It’s says so, right on TV.

    No one will replenish anything. Sacrifice. They will not connect dots. Conspiracy behind closed doors. They will not accept responsibility and apologize and warn, because, after all, “we all live” off this economy and this chemical soup. They do not learn, taught in absolute language that America is “Great”. Chemicals were added to cigarettes for the ostensible purpose of profit. But if that is true, why are they still using those same chemicals if it causes cancer and death and after everyone made out in huge settlements. Wouldn’t they want a safe product? Isn’t that the purpose of litigation? Roll your own –grind your coffee. (I don’t need flavor in coffee. Coffee is the flavor, unless . . . they want to drug something that is good for you and make it not good for you.)Anti-oxidents.

    Who was that “God send” attorney who “forced” big companies to put modified “fire retardant” and “stain master” on everything from pajamas to carpet, after a child was burned to death? Was his client Dow or the hospitals. . . or. But, Dow pushes the Olympics by “supporting our athletes”. The Olympics pushes Coke to “subsidize” the Athletes so we can win all the time. (You see why winning is so important.) The Athletes give interviews with a Coke prop alongside. And a obesity and diabetes epidemic sweeps the country. And when natural cane sugar is offered as an alternative to harmful refined sugar, the industry spikes the brown paper packets for the sugar. Did they spike the cigarette paper too? Does all plastic leach or is that cleaning fluid on the plastic, at restaurants, that stops conversation dead in its tracks?

    Here is the point – as long as there are e-cigarettes and plastic cups for sale at convenience stores, an industry can “claim” they offer choice and that the consumer “chooses” the unhealthy choice. As a result, we have an illusion of free will in this country. But they say nothing about the structure they have embedded in the brain and the economy that makes this decision appear reasonable, necessary or even practical. “Give them what they want,” is what they say. At the same time hospitals can’t build cancer treatment facilities fast enough. And this says nothing of special ingredients targeting a few to infirm.

  4. The companies all hide behind shell organisms, sub-contractors, “relationships”, and monopolies to blind and rob. Insidious disease. That is how conspiracies are built and hid. It makes it hard to hold anyone responsible. That is by design. And if you want disclosure, everything suddenly becomes a “trade secret.” Ask McDonalds’ white clad clinicians who “thoroughly test” for years before releasing a new “product”. It’s just food. Just give us food. It is not a love affair, an obsession and it is not a tool to manipulate. (They can’t do that because they know that, like music and sports and art, it is power because it makes people feel and share.)

    Eating bad food is like walking down a bumpy road to a slow painful death. They will never disclose or warn the public. They will protect, preserve, grow, evade, invade and obliterate anything in their path. It is a compulsion taught and accepted at Harvard and Wharton. You Must Grow. And it was all made possible because decency has been driven out of the school, because of dogma by snake oil salesmen and because of seduction by disturbing morose smiling skinny women. Steve Jobs said ‘Beware of Dogma.” Do not listen to Bab Walter’s tribe. Beware of “Promises Promises” and blood-red heads with ear lobes and distracting steel that peel your eyes from their eyes. With all that bling, you can’t tell a liar from a friend. You can’t see their eyes. Glitters distract. Ignore disgusting, blue color comics who are “down to earth.” (Oh, he’s funny until he throws in that zinger.) Women have been degraded – housemothers ignored, charity workers infiltrated, imperfection publicized. And when you see all they have to offer, your analytical brain shuts off. Your edge is blunted. You shut up. You follow.

    Industrial powers now collaborate to engineer cars to emit fumes and destroy cyclers so the economy consumes as much gas as possible - so that our lives, grasses and trees are coated with another layer of toxins, all the time. And that is on top of a cute Irishman’s fertilizer that causes disorientation, fatigue and pulls people apart.

  5. All this while you gaze into the vacuum of a “soft” ware or computer “drive” that can produce magic. Hip-t-no-sis. Even while at Steve Madden’s, a gyroscope on TV twists your brain waves. (And how does the phrase, “I hate Steven Singer” sell jewelry? What does “True Religion” have to do with jeans or “Justice” with children’s cloths?) America is now experiencing the reshaping of Language. “Isn’t it amazing”, you say as you take another shot of inhalant from a canister. You watch and listen to the sights and sound sat the dinner table, in the family room, at the convenience store, during a first date where nothing really memorable happened, and, now, at the pumps. How nice of that oil giant to entertain us while we wait to empty more soup into our lives. Many are so drugged and unconscious, that “monopolies” now do not seem that bad - if it reduces the “price” of a product or “brings more choices”, “it works for me.” Think.

    Many do not know the effect of uniform systems being put into place by RICO violating internationals conglomerates. Nor do they care about the small competitor that gets obliterated because they offer the old fashioned formula of lemon, ice, sugar and water. They are “behind the times” and will make the others look bad. That can’t stand. The choices are to either conform or withdraw. Anyone who bucks the systemic driven into bankruptcy and sold for scrap metal. Those mom and pop shops have been made to look so bad that no one will shop there soon. They are yesterday.

  6. I object to medication as a first resort, a DSM chart and “thorough” testing to stick a label on a set of symptoms so that the health industry can feed all the other industries and avoid causation. Mascarade. Doctors care for the pharmaceutical industry. Hospitals make concession to insurance companies. Insurance companies suddenly fund massage envy with perfumed body oil that goes in but does not easily come out. They all love the FDA by appearing to “disclose” all those shocking horrible side effects. And by listing them, they shock you into acceptance. Emotions and instincts are being shut off. Children are not feeling and expressing anymore. Athletes are not having fun and talking on fields made of rubber that bakes the brain. All they concentrate on is, “Winning is everything.”

    But patients still medicate or self medicate while the poor working man gets carted off to a Dialysis clinic by his daughter. And what the AMA will never do is arrest, condemn or declassify Doctors. They will not address toxic inhalants from carpet, fire retardants (which are only needed because of all those fires), detergents and numbing agents on everything you wear, and devices that fume. No one wants to rock the great titanic because they will find an empty plate at their door. Their head may be the only thing on that plate. And the master might bring the titanic down after twenty roaring years, but it will be on their terms, and for their own purpose of inflicting misery on the population. Did you know they used iron bolts on the Titanic instead of steel – all to “prepare” the world for World War I with a shock and awe, blood soaked, media circus. George Bush can “spell” shock and awe. So can his sky diving Dad and Mayor Nutt head. What happened to the words science, obligation, truth and investigation. You want science? Listen to John Denver or Brahams every day for 15 minutes until you like it. Or meditate and pray to re-align brain waves. Car Stereos and Cramps.

  7. No one will consider alternatives and solutions: restraint versus eating contests (Obscene), conservation versus accumulation (Carter), population control as opposed to controlling the population (Government lies), and growing good sources of protein and micro nutrients versus modifying what took millions of years to make (Virtue). No one will suggest that a foreign born bacteria was transported to make GMO’s a “holy grail”. Oranges are now modified so we can’t eat them and they can’t cleanse kidneys and livers. Wheat is being eliminated so we won’t be healthy. And milk suddenly has “lactose” in it that we are intolerant to, so our stomachs won’t have protective mucus. But the stock market is roaring.

    Meditation, prayer, walking, picnics, quiet and togetherness are solutions. Arguing is a solution. Stripping Fifth Amendment’s rights from anyone near the scene of a crime is a solution. Why would you not talk? Protest is a solution. Turning off the dial that refuses to bring you truth and goodness is a solution. People may suffer. Yes. But then they will prevail. If they are allowed to.


Top ten questions for Bridgette Ann Kelly, the“aid toGovernor Christie/attention-getter/ governor-boss destroyer/cute as a button with sassy doo and pout/soccer mom with lipstick/, who, single handedly??,snarled traffic at Fort Lee in New Jersey for days:

  1. Who hired Ms. Christina Renna, the staffer of Bridget who claims, with the stone cold be-speckled face of stunning indifference, “[Bridget] probably sometimes could be a little difficult as far as sharing information goes.” You know, the subordinate who conveniently resigned rather than fully cooperate, and who claims Bridget also was “anxious”, insecure” and “paranoid.” Thank you for that –it explains why a 20 year government veteran would sabotage her career by sabotaging the poll numbers of her boss. Maybe she had a crush on the political heavyweight?And who’s zooming who?

  2. Where the hell is the NY Port Authority in all this? You know that multi-billion dollar intra-state agency that“promotes” intra-state stability and commerce. Maybe they had unrequited motives in the published but not confirmed “downfall”of Christie too. “The news of my death is greatly exaggerated” . . . but its still news. Maybe this is really about commerce? Who got it, and who wants it and who wants to keep what they got. Morals cannot stand in the building of a empire.

  3. Why does Ms. Renna have two N’s in her name just like Bridget Anne?Why does the now quotable “time for traffic problems”, have two T’s and two F’s. Aren’t those gals just like a pair of boobsie, opps, I mean bobsie, twins, accusing each other, supporting each other all the while creating mass chaos. And why does Bridget have a Bridge in her name? Why does Christina have two I’s and Kelly, two L’s? And why does Kennedy and Lincoln bothhave two N’s and why does Roosevelt have two O’s? Hold it. Maybe its because they were bridges over troubled water. Naw. If I talk about Xs and Os, about numbers, I look like, well, a conspiracy nut. They wouldn’t want that. . . or would they. What does a “f” and “t” and “l” have in common. Not a boob?And what does a “n”, “o” and a “m” or “w” have in common? That’s right, a boob. That’s what girls have, just like Wisnewski, from Middlesex, who is investigating . . . even though he’s a guy. And it wouldn’t be right to associate a beautiful song by Paul Simon with traffic or with Meryl Streep who has a romantic fling with Clint, snuffing out her quiet, humble,“boooring” farming husband. Was that “Bridges of Madison County” with a double D cup?

  4. Let’s say Bridget did have an acquired vendetta against Christie (Maybe he is the alter-ego with Christina?) or against Mayor “Soko-lick”. If so, would Bridget want to be or appear:A) Insecure, B) In control, or C) Both? And, to whom would she want to appear that way, and at what time in her 20 year career? Different things to different people – she’s a versatile picture frame of a woman who does in truth have it all.As my former wife would say, “Who he.”

  5. How does a public official get paid by the public, work for a “transparent”government with FOIA safeguards, and conveniently acquire fifth amendmentpriviledges after arguably being involved in corruption, political extortion, and a forever mesmerizing distracting media circus. How does she hold onto documents that the public owns in a “perfectly understandable” tactic to gain immunity and escape jail. Hey, maybe she was promised all that beforehand. Such a deal; take the public’s money, hide documents, destroy a moral, forthright and courageous Govenor (Finally, someone who talks like we talk or want to talk) and then escape jail. (Sorry I’m not being “pithy” and following O’Reilly/Hannity rules of etiquette but this maze is just too much fun. Are you having fun?) Where is pasta deliberating Scalia or hair removing Thomas when you need them. They care about crime in America, don’t they? They say they do. Ok. You can keep the fifth amendment when you have clear evidence of a crime (like when a man killed a mother and two children as he drag raced in Philadelphia - he has rights, right?),or when it involves public officials like Weinberger. And would someone please get rid of those “discriminating” polygraph tests in a settlement agreement. Who did that anyway? Wow! They must have been powerful.

  6. Bridget writes “good” when told that “Soko-lick” might get angry. She evidences a retaliatory motive. Then shedoubles downin a panic, asking the ever faithful Christina to destroy the email. But Christina saves a copy just like Monica Lewinsky saves that dress. Was she on drugs or am I? Is there good? Are moralsimportant.We keep giving them exclusives and book deals so they can tell their side of the story. I’m confused and it just keeps happening.

  7. Does Bridgetor Renna, or both, have legitimate political motives; i.e. wanting to force a democrat to support a republican governor. Was she(s) thinking straight? Is it possible to coerce an opponent to be your friend. Maybe there is no political motive. She is just reaching across the aisle. Right? (For the record, in about 1982, I registered ”independent” at a municipal office in Greenwich Ct, and again recently in Media in 2011. . . unless someone changed it. I voted for Reagan, Little GeorgieBush and Big Cheney, Kerry and Obama.)And as for McCain, the man who still has not, or cannot, “name names”?Could someone do something? There are those two pesky n’s again. . . the power of language.

  8. Why did Renna resign when her boss was fired? Does she have the same documents Briget has? Did those two vixen pull off an Oliver North style arms for hostage deal that decimated another good-hearted religious man, Ronald Regan, or a G. Gordo Liddy style ambush of Democratic headquarters to destroy an already darkened Nixon. Watch the movie. It says it all in one line.One thing is for sure. That Renna isa smooth talker, just like Danny Divito in “My Cousin Vinny” . . . which shows that all this conspiracy stuff is just Disney kids-stuff?(Disney, the creator of “Small World After All”, which wrote a sitcom where a mother asks her little darling, “Guess whose underwear I’m wearing?) And, now that I’m the territory of the theater of the absurd,whobriefed and interviewed Bonhoeffer - the German priest who met with top military intelligence officers in Germany to plan the overthrow of Hitler and was ignored by the Allies when he traveled to England and America . . . in 1939!They did nothing. He was killed days before the end of the war.

  9. Why didn’t Christina go over her bosses’ head if the poor victim was scared of losing her job. Seems like she would insure her job if she went to the top and saved the top brass.

  10. Did Wisnewski from Middle-sex figure it all out when he suggests the government is run by intimidation? So that’s what this is all about.(I just wish the Wisnewski I know, the chimney sweepI called five times, would fix the cut or tear in my CO2 exhaust. He just got “too busy” after I suggested he really didn’t want to fix it. Lucky thing for windows.) So everyone bullies each other but really they are just frightened insecure knomesworrying about where the next gallon of gas will come from to take defenseless children to soccer practice. And doesn’t it all make sense since the recently separated Kelly just lost her man. Maybe that’s why there is so much divorce, causing so many emotional outbursts, causing so much crime, causing so many lost lives and reputations. I say, “Pull out the carpet and the fire retardant and the stainmaster?”And I say, “It’s always something.” Hold it. Didn’t Rosanna Danna (with four “d’s - a record) telecast her SNL show from Fort Lee, where Bridget’s Bridge is. Isn’t Rosanna dead of cancer? (There are those two c’s again that could not possibly involve a “conspiracy”, which also has two c’s.) Maybe its just “Murphy’s law”.

  11. Am I over thinking, or is this just a case of missing identity? I mean, I don’t know these women. Maybe they are just over worked. But I keep going back to one fact – that Christie guy. Isn’t he different. Wasn’t he popular with everyone. But not now. Didn’t he tell a reporter to butt out and that he will send his kids to a parochial school if he wants. Isn’t he kind of lovable, slapping people’s back on the boardwalk while stuffing fried fritters in his mouth. Don’t I kind of like the guy? Why would someone do something to hurt him? Would they want to hurt him? Beats me. I’m just a “stupid entertainer”. Hey, didn’t Curt Cobain write that – oh, so now I see where those two C’s came from. A c-cup? I don’t think so. Pass the fritters – there are just too many questions.


This leads to an alternative Oscar Pis-tor-i-us scenario:

1. There are no facts to dispute that Oscar was asleep with his girlfriend asleep next to him between 2- 3:00 am. Suddenly, a sound awoke Oscar. He looks next to him and believes his girlfriend is asleep. He realizes there may be an intruder in his house. His mind, to quote Trisha Yearwood’s description of her morning rituals, is engulfed in fog . . . but he can’t say that in a trial. No one including Oscar would understand what “fog” means anyway. His heart starts beating faster. He goes for his gun, scared.(George Harrison was almost killed in his home - I have had criminal intruders in my house at least four times, while I was there and that I know of anyway. I went back to sleep, letting sleeping dogs lie.) Adrenalin rushes. His emotions cover his reflective conscious thought. This is a neurological fact; strong emotions, especially those abetted by emotional expanders and triggers, make it almost impossible to exercise cognitive analysis, not to mention control.

He may be under the influence of something but all he knows for sure is that someone is in the house. He moves around the upstairs. Then he returns and the sound is in the bathroom. He is too ramped up and terrified to reflect. He is not thinking. He is in a fog. He fires.

2. Attrial, they try to make Pistorius look like a liar with the following: 1)His girlfriend, a model and celebrity, had food in her stomach, “suggesting” she ate at 1:00 am. But there are no facts other than the “coroner’s report” and most models would not eat before bed. Lastly, it is irrelevant to the state of their relationship and whether they were sound asleep at 3:00 am; 2)He beats down the bathroom door “without his legs on”. Is it possible that he beat down the door because he heardher cries and realized he made a terrible mistake.And would he beat down the door to rescue the intruder?No. He would be scared of getting shot. Just likethe red head in the trunk of “Sabatoge” – the one with the earpiece. You remember that fact, don’t you?And how can you stop an intruderwithout legs?Oscar is a competitor by profession. Would he crawl to get the intruder; 3)There was a pause between shots. But there are no facts to support this, only some hypothetical by an “expert.” And about those neighbors? One question - what do they do for a living. 4) Oscar bragged about a zombie buster gun,while claiming on the stand that he did not understand the term.If he did say this, it sounds like he is parroting a commercial with an approving audience on hand. . . and a digital recording deVice on hand . . . just like most zombies would. He bought the gun, didn’t he.He was sold on and infused with terror and fear before that night . . . before he laid down next to the girl who claimed he “scared” her. But she’s dead and can’t authenticate that text message, so I am sure that that hearsay “text”, “digitally translated soundbite”, will be excluded from trial. . . just like the exploding watermelon brain analogy? Oscar’s first mistake was running in the Olympics as a double amputee. His second mistake was buying a gun. 5)His girlfriend had packed a duffel bag: According to police, a/l/a “Mark Furman”, Rebba was ready to leave in the morning. Why didn’t she leave before getting into bed? And wouldn’t you sleep in an adjacent room if you had a quarrel or were separating? 6)Oscar is equivocatingon the stand, stating that he did not consciously fire the gun (that he did not act in self-defense), but that he also thought a burglar was in the house. Is it possible, he was terrified and did not make a conscious decision to pull the trigger. Could it have been knee jerk reaction – aemotional reflex, assuming that he wasn’t thinking? Maybe a new defense should be created to suit the facts and environment. But you would have to have evidence of the environment and it is all gone . . . I guarantee you that.

At least Oscar is on the hot seat, ignoring attorneys who almost always advise clients not to testify. . . that is before they get carted off to jail.

3. Motive: Oscar is handicapped and overcame many obstacles put in front of him. Similar to the FDR rumors. “They” say - after FDR died - that he was never "seen" without his braces. . . that he hid his disability. However, FDR went to Warm Springs while President, and he encouraged disabled Americans to visit warm springs. He was not embarrassed or afraid of anything, let alone his condition. He was a hero. (BTW: Did you know Churchill’s face turned green at one of their dinner meetings while preparing for war – maybe Churchill was not a hero either? Maybe there are no heros who are always cleaning up other people’s garbage, that is, before they get killed. Just like Lincoln and Kennedy.Who was Chairman of the DNC when Kennedy was assassinated? And what did Billy Joel say? “Only the good die young.”)

So why would anyone want to disparage the handicapped? Why wouldanyone want to spread the perception of bigotry, class warfare, sexism or a zenophobia. Why? Because it divides us. If you divide you can conquer.

Teddy Pendergrass is crying. But they are still executing people in Texas while the Innocence Project keeps freeing the innocent. And about that Dallas stadium - that owner, that team, the Jerry and Jimmy’s, those boat parties and those cheerleaders - aren’t they awesome?

Her last public words. “I love you all.” An accomplished model, public figure and lawyer is dead.

More later . . . by me. If I can avoid all those triggers . . like the minefields that the Iranians sent their children out into. Terrifying. Steve Palmer


People need to know that there is something sonically very wrong with some of the recordings out there. I was at Firefly Festival this past summer, and the engineers (or electricians) created an electro- magnetic/sonic field of some kind that affects your brain waves and cognitive function. I met some people who looked stressed - like they were in discomfort that they were not really conscious of . . . a feeling like your head is under water. And the big hit “Cruise” has all kinds of distorted frequencies in there. Never mind the weird “chants” looped and bent, there is something going on that affects our creative mind and our willingness to assert ourselves. There is a general malaise out there and I think it has something to do with the products we buy, the way they are made and packaged, the music we listen to and the way companies advertise and manipulate. Just consider it.


“Steve is still fighting those ‘strong currents’ in our industrial machine that systematically terminated the glorious music of the 1960’s-70’s. They replaced “Landslide” and “Hotel California” with the following; 1) Lady GA-GA-GA-GA-GA GA (And about those macabre humanoid costumes? Perfectly understandable. She started as a “theatrical costume performer” - just like the belly dancer Madonna, started as a “dancer”); 2) The ever-Jeffersonian renaissance man, Jay-Z, who, thoughtfully, believes we have climbed to the zenith of our “creed”. (Boy, was I worried!); 3) Fergi-licious” (Self absorbing? No biggie. Its all just ‘make-believe’. And, besides, she showed her “love” for her alter ego/first husband by grabbing him on live TV); 4) A second and third sequel for that “bad boy” Mr. Brown beater (Its so easy to accept when it happens over and over. You get numb); 5) Perry, on a cloud, showing the 16 year olds what to think of in geometry class (BTW: She has asserted she “was not naked”. . . ‘like Miley’); 6) Kesha, a jack of all trades, appearing wrapped in a silver – surprise – American flag; 7) New criminal rankings for the Top 40 attention getters; 8) That debonaire, Bret Michaels, who really shows sincere affection for the “winners” of his “best girl-friend wanna be” competitions . . . until, of course, the next episode rolls around; and, finally, 9) An ever-sweetened and grown-up Miley (“Public backlash? No Problem. We will just rebrand her little Disney inspired prime time “event” as a new cute dance move called a “twerk”. That way everyone, including moms, can do it without blushing.)


No wonder why Steve’s music is so out of touch with the youth of today. They have been transformed. He says, “I’m basically ole fashioned – I like small towns, nature, a nice restaurant, museums and concerts where people actually sing without the distractions, and sports. I thought there was “room for squares” in our country. And I love Alicia Kays, John Mayer, Bruno Mars, Tegan and Sara, Ben Gibbard, Michael Buble, Mariah and Taylor and Carie, Dave and Eddie and Jon and so much more. I think this so called culture is a bunch of crud, force fed down an unsuspecting juvenile-adult absorbant public that is confused, scared, and “addicted to everything but love and community. On a brighter note, I may have a mastered country record soon so I can join the touring circuit again.”


While not in the action right now, Steve remembers the good ole’ touring days. “Once, my booking agent, a shady character from Supreme Entertainment in Boston, booked me to tour with Luke Mulhooney. Anyway, I was supposed to share billing with him and I always opened for him. I argued and then accepted it. But then someone else bought onto one show four hours before the gig. I was pushed to open at 7:00. I knew something was up and found out the event didn’t start until 7:30, after I waited in line for 30 minutes to “buy” a ticket. My touring manager missed this as he ate barbecue around the corner. So I would be playing for an empty auditorium. It cost my label about $5,000 to play that show so I called everyone to protest. No one can tell me that is just “part of the business”. They were making me look like an ineffective manager to justify our failures to hit the charts. I even refused to stop playing at 7:30, calling out for “Some Things Will Never Change”, as the venue manager charged down the aisle to “grab my mic?”. Then we scattered, nervously. My agent probably pocketed the “buy on money” paid to one of his shell corporations. Hey, I’ll make a strong second run with the country LP. I’m not going anywhere . . . except England and Canada.”


Band managment is busy continuing to look for . . . well, band management, a one-stop promo outfit, booking agent, concert dates (attempts by Press Agent to open for Bob Schneider again fizzled), raising money, label support for next CD, etc. The big news is our remix of country CD "Stuck In A U'Haul" taking place in MD as we speak. We will also remix "Apparition" - says Steve, "I like this new engineer's approach" - but "we're focusing on just going public anyway possible."


Bryan and Steve just pulled off another hat trick pulling in Eric Scott and Meg Murray of Meg and Bryan fame to add background vocals and duets to tracks on the upcoming release of “Stuck In A U’haul”. They even performed “Letter” featuring lead verses sung by Steve, Meg and Eric. Came out great. We were lucky to get Eric and Meg to help. These two are very accomplished solo acts. And Eric even played on some of the tracks in 2008 that are making it onto the CD so its great to have him back.


Steve virtually releases “Nothing To Do” single. The song was co-written by Paul Hussell and was first recorded in 1980 at that very station owned then by Paul’s father. Steve attended a British boarding school at the time and did a duo version with piano and guitar with Paul singing backgrounds. “That was the first track I peddled to the “industry”. We walked it into BBC headquarters in the Spring of ‘80 one day and, yes, they did play it. . . for us.


Steve saw Bryan play with Rachel Yamagata at Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. Steve remarked, “Wow fantastic show. And they make due with that extended van with all that gear and merch. Steve even got to meet Mike Viola who gave a steller solo opening act. As anticipated, Bryan complimented Rachel’s tremendous delivery and soulful voice.


The Steve Palmer Band and their indie label Arythmia Records hope to release country-rock CD “Stuck In A U’Haul” in 2012. New music, a fan opinion poll about a new song and release dates will follow.

"I saw crossovers from Rascal Flatts, Zach Brown to Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, and thought this was a time to promote music for music's sake and not worry about fitting into a ‘segment’ or ‘format’," says Palmer.


STUCK IN A U'HAULSteve, Bryan, Josh and Brandon rolled into Wright Way studios in Baltimore on August 25 to re-record a few lead rythm tracks from their new soon-to-be released country CD “Stuck In A U’Haul”. The band recorded tracks together as a four piece. In the final track lineup, Executive Producer Steve Palmer decided to keep a few tracks from the Blackbird/Downtown Battery/Sterling recording sessions, and he selected a track from a ’08 recording at Cue in Virginia with Eric Scott, Andy Hamburger and Mike Ault. The band also picked a Rolling Stones production headed by Niko Bolas from a Blackbird/Omega recording session.

“I picked the best tracks from our efforts over the last three years. Unfortunately, a lot of our resources have been drained by a whole cast of characters, many of whom did nothing. What we need now is help from good people in the industry. There’s no doubt about it.”

The band will also move “No Words To Say” to the country CD because the promoters Steve hired never really promoted it on Hot AC and Top 40. “I am just happy that we have this almost ready to go. And we are talking to industry promoters. So, there is hope for our music.”


Following the calamities in Japan, Nashville and now the east, Steve Palmer Band will release "Where Have The People Gone," a song Palmer wrote the night of the Tsunami in Japan. The song was recorded at TMC studios in Nashville and was influenced heavily by Larry Hall playing a Yamaha grand piano.


PHOTOSPB lead guitarist, musical director and engineering ace Bryan Ewald continued tracking the band’s second rock CD, "Mirrors In Your Mind", in Annapolis and Baltimore. After finishing some tracks at TMC in February, the band recorded four more in May at Wright Way.

"I remember hearing Johnnie Popper's engineer say that Blues Traveler’s first CD didn't do well, that everyone must 'struggle' to make it in the business. Well, I think that smells funny. If the industry actually promotes great music then people will respond. Artists' shouldn't have to constantly struggle,” comments Palmer. “So when I get help I’ll release ‘Apparition’ in earnst or “Mirrors In Your Mind.”

Palmer adds, “’Mirrors’ will feature a more minimalist four-piece sound on some tracks and will be tracked with Bryan and ultimately mixed and mastered at Wright Way Studios in 2012. The title song is about how timeless music reflects the best in people.”

(PHOTO INSIGHT: The snapshot above was taken before the band's performance in Nashville right off Broadway. "We had a show there because I really like Nashville and the way it respects the art community as a whole, and as a kid I always went to shows on Broadway in New York. Sept. 11th was a tragic event for everyone but they are bouncing back.")

SPB Gears Up To Release Country CD "Stuck In A U'Haul"

Steve began re-recording a few tracks for "Stuck In A U'Haul", their country CD. The band will scrap four of the Downtown Battery, Sterling and Blackbird tracks and move to Baltimore based Wright Way Recording Studios on August 25th-26th to work with Steve Wright. "Hey its been a long road. But I love the country and I love country music. Hopefully this will break us... I mean won't break us. I mean both. As the Billy Currington song really did say, "People are crazy.", exclaimed Steve.

A Mysterious Surprise

The mysterious "surprise" referred to in a band member's anonymous tweet could only refer to a secret promotional effort underway to accompany "Apparition." Whether that, as of yet unpublished, undisclosed and not too subtly hidden "surprise", refers to the radio effort to promote - in earnst - the first single off "Apparition" or to some other offering is, as of yet . . . well, unpublished, undisclosed and not too subtly hidden. More to follow. Soon . . . I hope.


The Band had a great session at TMC Studios in Nashville. . . plowed through eight tracks from the 2012 CD entitled "Mirrors In Your Mind". "Lot of laughs from the band," exclaimed Steve. Steve tracked vocals and guitar tracks on eight tracks. Brandon tore up a 6 minute "epic" (LH) song dedicated to Martin Luther King. Bryan was a quiet dominant presence throughout. Larry did a few songs with B3 and Piano... but we're trying for minimalist on this one. And Josh dictated the feel of "Rollin On", inspired by Cat Stevens' (Usaf Islam) "Peace Train". We will post our Tsunami relief effort song as soon as possible and begin a charity drive.


APPARITION (2011)Steve Palmer Band has released their debut CD "Apparition" on iTunes and Amazon.com. Indie label Arythmia Records has distributed the CD to popular digital music stores and physical CD's will be released later in major retail stores. "We are excited but wish that someone from the industry would step in and use their considerable marketing muscle to push the new album. I've decided that we are going to go it alone. I just had to hunker down and get this critical work done. So I contacted Neilsen about Sound Scan, got catalogue and ISRC numbers and did it myself. A good day for SPB but a bad omen for the industry if you ask me," laments Steve Palmer.


Steve Palmer Band has begun work on the follow up rock CD entitled "Mirrors In Your Mind". Steve has finished arranging and writing intros, guitar riffs, and solo progressions for the CD and has recorded demos on eight of the songs.

"Bryan came over late last year and we recorded four acoustic tracks and I dug up three other full band demos from my library that I did earlier in the decade with my previous producer, Jim Ebert. The current band also recorded two tracks at my house with our new pro tools rig with an 8-16 channel interface. Brandon sounded great. Bryan is the best engineer I've worked with and the guy still plays ridiculous lead. We begin recording next month down in Nashville on a 64 channel Neve at TMC so we can't wait. Brian has some serious chops - can’t wait to hear what he comes up with. We worked up one track ‘Gentle Ben’ in 40 minutes and it sounded ready for radio. 2012, here we come!”

"The title track is about how music can reflect and bring out the best in us all and another track, ‘Never Leave You Alone’ is about one of my heros, Martin Luther King, who died a tragic death but lived a beautiful life and touched everyone on this planet who had a heart, a soul and a mind."

The band is also re-mixing their rock/leaning country offering, "Stuck In A U'Haul" with Steve Quick of True North Productions.


Steve just finished interviews with Big Blend’s ‘Rants Raves and Radio’, Maximum Ink, Traverse City Record Eagle, In The Now,KJAG 95.5 (Salina, Kansas) and Power Play. Check out the in-depth Maximum Ink article online at stevepalmerband.com on the feature section.


Our 'IN LOVE' holiday charity campaign had 10,212 fans downloading the free song! We must report that we weren't pleased with the final mix of the song but we just had to get it out. “Christians, Muslims and Jews are being killed today because of faith. So we had to do something”, explains Steve. We will re-mix 'IN LOVE' and release it again next Christmas. Good news is we will make donations to Save The Children & St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as planned."

Filming The Music Video for "IN LOVE"

Filming the 'IN LOVE' music video was a "verifiable blast", commented Steve Palmer. "We roamed around Traverse City during on and off snow - lake effect and cloud effect - and we visited a local art store, WTCM, was interviewed by the Record Eagle, shot live footage off Front Street and off Steve's balcony facing the almost frozen lake, and we visited Horizon book store (Steve's favorite in TC). "It was natural and happy" added Steve. "Marty Yaple, a Northern Michigan student, filmed the video and we directed. I will definitely work with him again."

Steve Palmer Band Offers Free Download Of Their Holiday Single "IN LOVE" To Support Children's Charities

Steve Palmer Band's new original single for the holidays "IN LOVE" was released November 30, 2010, and in the spirit of Christmas, Arythmia Records is offering fans a free download of the new song to raise funds for Save The Children and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Arythmia Records will donate $.05 cents for each of the first 200,000 fans who download the new song through January 31, 2011. "There are a lot of significant things that Christians, Jews and Muslims have in common, and that's what this song is all about." says Steve Palmer.

ShareThis to help spread the word about this great song and help out two great charities by sharing this offer with friends!

SPB's Trip To The Hollywood Music in Media Awards

"Steve Palmer Band made it - traveled to LA for the HMMA's at The Highlands. All steps were taken to insure success - we had a back up bass player in case our new bass player had plane problems. Well - he got in on time and so did everyone else. Had a great sound check, did the red carpet ala Hollywood style complete with interviews and pics, played "Apparition" (didn't win for AAA/AC best song) and enjoyed a night on the town. Steve rubbed a elbow at the mixer the next night, and Bryan, Judd, Brandon (a bit camera shy got a tattoo from a local parlor) and Steve eat donuts at 1:00 am pacific time across from the Renaissance hotel. All in all a successful trip."
- Steve Palmer

"Apparition" Nominated for 2010 Hollywood Music In Media Award
Steve Palmer Band has been nominated by the prestigious 2010 Hollywood Music In Media Awards for their song “Apparition” in the category of Adult Contemporary/AAA. SPB will be performing at the event which will take place November 18th at The Highlands at the Kodak Theater Complex.

Steve Palmer on Fox Connecticut TV

Steve Palmer was interviewed and did a live solo acoustic perfomance of "Apparition" on FOX TV - CTnow.com

SPB Rocked EpiCentre In Charlotte Opening for Blues Traveler

Oct. 21st, the band opened for Blues Traveler and played the full CD “Apparition”. A crowd of over 1,000 enjoyed the free show put together by Bud Light and EpiCentre, with 106.5 The End in attendance. After the show Steve said “Hey, that was a blast with all those people. Don’t know if the music projected but Josh did a great job considering it was the first time he played with us."

SPB Welcomes More Band Additions From Maryland

Steve Palmer Band is happy to announce some more additions from Maryland. Josh Chapman will continue jamming with SPB on bass coming from Bryan’s Maryland based Bens Bones and Judd Bolger will join the lineup from Nashville’s Judd & Maggie. Both will joining Steve at Hollywood Music In Media Awards ceremony and performance where “Apparition” is nominated in AAA/AC. Thanks to Bryan, the new musical director for bringing them on board.

Conversation with Johnnie Popper of Blues Traveler

I was fortunate to spend time with Johnnie Popper of Blues Traveler at Keene, New Hampshire after their gig. Johnnie has a heart of gold and was really nice to me. . . He ran around screaming, ‘Hey everybody, Steve Palmer is here.’ The conversation went something like this:

Steve: “Hey Johnnie, I got to promote one of your gigs this morning on Fox Connecticut TV.”
Johnnie: “Oh, yeah? What did you say.”
Steve: “I said you sing with your heart . . . But you can’t play harmonica.”
Johnnie: Humm. . .
Steve: No, Johnnie. I actually said you were the best player in the world.”
Johnnie: “You know someone said that to Coltrane once.”
Steve: “You’re kiddin. You’re not supposed to say that kind of stuff. At least not nowadays. So what did Coltrane say?”
Johnnie: “He said, ‘Yeah. Its really the truth. Isn’t it?”

Anyway, I can’t wait for Charlotte on Oct. 21st with Johnnie Popper. I love the guy and he is phenomenal on the harp. Best in the world? Well, there might be others out there we haven’t heard from yet. Hey, I wrote Clive at Sony two years ago and said we were this generation’s Beatles. Didn’t get too far to far with that one. - Steve Palmer

Oct. 21st Show Announced in Charlotte, NC

SPB will move forward with a one hour direct opening slot with Blues Traveler on October 21, 2010 at EpiCentre in Charlotte, NC. The band will play all songs off their debut CD “Apparition” which is slated release in January 2011. For the Oct. 21st gig the band will welcome bass player, Josh Chapman. Josh has been playing in the mid-atlantic area with Bryan and Brandan for years. “Really, I am lucky to have a professional and friend like Bryan Ewald in my band. The guy has done a lot for me not to mention bringing these great players to the band to help with touring. Also Bryan has done a tremendous amount for the sound and identity of the band. He a real star." - Steve Palmer

9/23/10 - Opening For Blues Traveler @ Colonial in Kenne, NH

Steve Palmer Band is gearing up for their big gig with Blues Traveler at The Colonial in Kenne, New Hampshire, Thursday, September, 23, 2010. “Hey, I love these shows because the fans that like Johnnie usually appreciate our brand of rock and roll. And this time, I’m gonna ask Johnnie to do a pic with me.” We are on at 7:30. Try to make it and say hi to Steve after the show.

Steve Palmer Band's Most Successful Show In Windsor, CT

Steve Palmer Band finished their most successful show September 5, 2010 at the Summer Winds Performing Arts Center in Windsor Connecticut. Playing at the newly erected outdoor multi-million dollar tent structure, SPB enthralled almost a thousand fans prompting the venue to request encores. “This was a great night for us. Our biggest yet and we are looking forward to more shows to reach out to the public.

“Apparition” Release Party on July 20th, 2010

Arythmia Records, Howard Rosen Promotions and Village Voice completely their joint July 20, 2010 release party for “Apparition” at Kenny’s Castaway. Wonderful hostess, Maria, the owner of KC, helped us organize. We had a couple radio stations, a couple booking agents, many cases of PBR “on the way” (to our stomach), photos, videos and some intense rock and roll from a four piece SPB with Vicki on background vocals. Gary Trust from Billboard even showed up and spoke with Steve about how he envisions the music. All in all our most successful promotions event by far.

New Radio Promo Deal for the Single “Apparition”
Steve Palmer Band is happy to announce the completion of a new radio promo deal for the single “Apparition”. After announcing the hire of Steve Levesque of Luck Media and Marketing, Arythmia Records entered into a promotion campaign to push Apparition to major Top 40 markets across the country. After reaching 37 on the R&R indicator charts, SPB kicked off the new effort to bring their music to the public. Armed with a new business partner and adviser, Steve announced, “Hey we have a new slamming Top 40 Mix of the CD by Howard’s team, a new press agent and a new goal – I think the ball might finally start rolling downhill.”

Ribbons Into Space
There is a new Steve solo up. "Ribbons Into Space" was recorded at Sound Shop by Grateful inconvenience which has done some great work for our little indie. The song was written about college life and young love and is the basis for a play Steve is working on entitled, "The Poet, The Lover and The Saint." He got the idea for the "deodorant in his hair" line in the third verse after being blamed for another prank Steve didn't do while at a tennis camp with the late John Kennedy Junior across the hall. "I really admired John John from afar after realizing all he went through growing up and how the Kennedys kept their heads up. I remember when he received a white ceramic dove at the awards ceremony because he had this peaceful quiet way about him. Sure, the girls liked him, but so did everyone else."

SPB Jumps Up The Charts
Steve Palmer Band made a swift sudden move upwards on the Mediabase Activator Top 40 Chart.  "This was a 20 point jump in one week and it indicates that Howie Rosen and his team are on the right track.  We have backed this up with new tour engagements and bids so this is part of the whole effort.  Almost all of our cylinders are operating and I'm happy with that," added Steve, the band's manager. 

Sister Hazel Tour Wrap Up
Off we went again from Nashville to dates headlining at 8x10 in Baltimore and fronting for Sister Hazel at Blue Ocean in Salisbury , Mass. , Fairfield Theater Company in Conn. and 9:30 club  in D.C.  The Band also did an in store at Best Buy in Manhattan .  After finishing filming a video for "No Words To Say" with a film crew with Grateful Inconvenience, Steve and Mario then loaded up a few trucks with gear and headed to Pioneer Coach to launch that night.  "Let me tell you,  those guys have a great musical message and band," said Steve speaking of Sister Hazel.  "It is was the first time I watched a whole show of the headliner and I got to meet Ken who is the nicest guy you ever want to meet."  In Manhattan , the band enjoyed a late lunch after Best Buy and then Steve walked the streets and saw South Pacific. "That was one of my dreams - play in New York , and I've done it twice in two months.  I guess things really are moving forward."

Bob Schneider Tour Wrap Up
“Well, we wrapped up our first extended tour, fronting for Bob Schneider. Yeah!! . . . but its just a beginning. And we completed it without major incident. Sure the frig broke, the bus couldn’t get parking alongside the venue a few times, the band huffed it with gear down city blocks in Milwaukee, Boston and New York, but . . . we had sesame crusted pizza in NYC after our last gig at the Bowery. . . . we had a well deserved picnic at Steve’s house and a company table at Birchmere sponsored by Steve’s Dad . . . and we suffered no real war wounds to speak of. Our agent at Supreme even fielded follow up inquiries from a complimentary Birchmere. The band got rave reviews from the crowds enthralled by the big pulsating sound of a B-3 and backing vocals by Vicki, Robert and Bryan. And Brian Fullen and bassist Mario Sangermano did a phenomenal job after only two rehearsals. Thanks to everyone that came and shared their comments, we ended on a good note. Hope to announce the next one soon.”



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