"I learned a lot about songs from Dan Fogelberg, Harry Chapin, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Elton John and the Beatles. On instruments, I saw Chuck Magione at Lincoln Center and started playing Jazz. George Winston even got me playing piano. I listened to their records over and over."

-Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bryan Ewald
Lead Guitar/Musical Director
Josh Chapman
Brandon Bartlett
Steve Palmer

“I think I wrote my first song when I was sixteen. Once I heard and played songs by songwriters Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and James Taylor, I just started writing and never stopped. I’ll admit it came very easy to me – like walking down a dirt road. . . The songs are not just my observations and life experiences in the real world; they’re also stories concocted in my imagination. But they are always fueled by a strong emotion, and that’s what I hope my songs will do for people – spark an emotion.”

Writing, playing and recording for as long as he can remember, the Denver-born Palmer cut his teeth on classic records by everyone from The Beatles, Steely Dan, Simon & Garfunkle and Waylon and Willie, to Dan Fogelberg, Yes, The Doobie Brothers and Chicago, along with jazz, classical and practically everything else.

“You just couldn’t take a guitar out of my hands whenever I had time to myself,” he says. Steve began recording in his teens and sharpened his expertise in numerous studio session over a thirty year period.

In 2002, Steve wound up in a nine-to-five professional career to devote himself full-time to his lifelong passion, and hasn’t looked back since. “Songs flow out of me pretty easily,” he explains. “I can feel the song there even if I can’t identify what it sounds like. Then I run for a piano or a guitar, and it just pours out. I enjoy the lyrics the most, and, of course, giving musicians the space to create the production in the studio.”

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