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Steve Palmer Band is a versatile pop, rock and country band that will continue to try to break down the walls of division in the world. In the coming months, front man Steve Palmer will consider offers for international distribution for two CDs: rocker “Apparition” and a country cd, “Morning Shift”. In 2010,the Band opened for Blues Traveler, Sister Hazel and Bob Schneider, but promotional efforts were sabotaged as promotors, engineers, outsiders, and even musicians misdirected and grounded their ambitious efforts.

The band features Steve Palmer(Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), and a host of professional hired guns on the east coast and in Nashville. SPB performs solo, duo, unplugged, four-piece and even seven-piece gigs.Steve has just written and is prepared to record, to 24 track analogue tape, a 10 track Christian CD. Adds Steve, "Country won't have me. Top 40 raked me over the coals big thanks to a whole cast of professional characters . . . so I'll try the Christian genre. That out work out real well in the good ole USA.

Compared to some of the greatest acts from Dylan to Petty to Springstein, Steve Palmer Band’s pop/rock music has been described as "timeless that transcends genre" (Celebrity Café, 2010). Muzik Reviews gave it a five star rating adding, “Famous rock bands don't make this kind of music anymore.”

Steve adds, “After thirty years trying to break into the industry, I will continue to push till people are exposed to my message of reflection and change. I’m being attacked by the power gods and the establishment and, as Bruce Hornsby has written,“some things never change”. Just consider the following: 1) “The Innocence Project” has freed 300 wrongfully convicted victims from jail; 2) Over 200 journalist have “died” worldwide under suspicious circumstances in the past ten years; and 3)Takeover Wall Street protesters got wrongfully jailed and harassed, and then got settlements. But no “real” journalists are out there anymore to investigate why and what this all means.” Palmer goes on, “Didn’t Dylan suggest, ‘Music is politics?’ It’s a fact that Music is powerful and where there is power, the money motivated evil doers will invade and, either control or destroy . . . or both.”

Adds frontman Steve Palmer, “I have always written everything from jazz to rock to folk and country. It came from my appreciation of music from almost everywhere as a kid.But the industry doesn’t want musicians to write great music and what they hear or feel. They control, mold and create and that is not a good thing for the artist or society . . . or kids either. Look at the problems we have and then you can trace a cause rooted in culture, commercialism, power and greed.”

SPB and Arythmia Records distributed “Apparition” on Caroline/EMI.?!” During the 2010 promotion of “Apparition”, Steve and company did huge taped productions/promotional showcases in New York and Nashville and shot almost fifteen videos, some on red technology. “We are still interest to have our music before the public, hit the Top 40 charts and do some TV and radio promotion. I just need a promotional team to do their job and receive the green light to promote the band and take us public.

March, 2015:
"Rythmia has published and printed its first Play, "The Sleeping Giant," by Steve Palmer. Big accomplishment - Big headaches and "Errors." But I am happy about it."

October, 2014:
Steve is spinning wheels putting out fires - reaching out to the bigs . . . again??”

April 2014:
Steve Writes and Prepares to Record Christian Record.

October, 2013:
Mastering Country CD

“Morning Shift.”

Steve Resolves Apartment Problems, House Problems, Lawsuits and Slander?

2011-Summer, 2013:
Rehearsal,Reorganization and Research Of Industry/Cultural/Economic Obstacles To SPB

January ’12-June ‘13
Mixing of Country CD
“Morning Shift”

Mount Airey, Arnold, Maryland

August 25-26, 2011
Recording Sessions @
Wright Way Studios

Baltimore, Maryland

March 4, 2011
Best Buy Live
Steve Palmer Band
(Acoustic Duo)
Best Buy - The Court At Oxford Valley
310 Commerce Blvd
Fairless Hills, PA 19030
6:30 PM Performance
Free Event

January 28, 2011
Best Buy In-Store Showcase
One Union Square South,
New York City
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Free Event

October 21, 2010
Opening for Blues Traveler
Pavilion @ EpiCentre
210 East Trade Street
Charlotte, NC
7:00 p.m. Set
Tickets: Free (21+ event.)

September 23, 2010
Opening for Blues Traveler

Colonial Theatre
5 Main St
Keene, NH 03431
7:30 p.m. Set


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